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This place is awesome I order from here all the time the food is great and fresh I've had lots of things on the menu and everything has been great from the pizzas and salads to the soups and sandwiches the pastas and burgers are great as well the only bad things I can say is that it takes a little long sometimes but it's worth the wait oh and I wish they were open later or 24 hours so I could order all the time lol the grilled vegetables are so good too


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I was all ready to order a pizza when the clock struck 11am, and then I saw the linguine and white clam sauce! I ordered it with a bottle of cream soda and went to pick it up, since I live just down the street. It was piping hot, with lots of garlic and very large clams! The pasta was perfectly al dente and the portion was big enough that I was forcing in the last few bites just because it was very good and I didn't have enough left to save! haha


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Napoletana pizza was great - saturated in Mozerella and tomato sauce. The crust was a good median between deep dish and thin crust. The Lasagna pizza was straight up to die for. I was hoping for a little piece of home and this thing delivered. I am starting to salivate just writing this review. Definitely would recommend Pronto to anyone of my friends visiting the area. Food is well priced and very satisfying. I will order from Pronto again..


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OMG I've ordered from them before and was already a fan and favorite customer but what I chose today was simply OUTSTANDING!!!!! It has now become my all time favorite dish and I'm probably going to bleed this dis because I will be ordering it many more times. PRONTO!! BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO JOE ..... simply outstanding!


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Pronto is consistently good. The food arrived a little ahead of schedule, well packaged, and still hot. This was on a rainy day. The chicken parm tasted great, along with Ziti. Chocolate mousse cake was likewise delicious. I will absolutely keep ordering from Pronto Pizza again.

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Top Reviewer
I don't usually write reviews unless something went wrong, but this needs to be said. I'll by saying that I'm not intoxicated. Nor was I overly ravenous before eating. Now that we have that out of the way... I know this is an Italian Cuisine / Pizza restaurant, but do yourself a huge favor and have their regular cheeseburger (comes with fries even though it doesn't say it). I like to consider myself somewhat of a burger connoisseur. I have a whole rating system. But this thing is in a class all its own. Eating this burger was like a party in my mouth with VIP backstage access to your own hot bartender who will make out with you. I think I'm actually pregnant right now. Not because I'm full, but because I just made sweet love to this burger. They season the 2-inch thick meat with the same stuff that Ned Flanders snorts every morning. Pronto's french fries are also very good, but if this burger came with fries from Petey Burger, the space-time would be disrupted to the point where my stomach would implode from sheer gravitational awesomeness. The best sex you've ever had feels like a papercut on your eyeball compared to eating this burger. I am confident Pronto Pizza could abandon their entire [delicious] menu, make nothing but these burgers all day, every day and make a 500% profit.

It's THAT good.


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The food here is consistently good! Baked Ziti is amazing and comes piping hot. The sandwiches are huge. One is easily shareable. Same with the pasta. Portions are big. The Arugala Salad is delicious and healthy. The personal pizza is a winner in my book, too! All the items above can be shared. The only complaint I have is that delivery takes about an hour or more. I've ordered from here 3 or 4 times and delivery has always taken long. Just keep that in mind if you're starving and can't wait that long.


2 reviews
Real Italian food cooked by a real Italian dude. Super friendly staff and outrageously good food. The cheese pie is one of the best you'll taste in Queens. But the pastas are where Pronto shines. Many 4 or 5 star upscale restaurants can learn from this guy. Once you become a regular, you'll quickly be on a first name basis with Joe and can expect occasional appetizers and cappuccino on the house. Oh.. Did I mention his cappuccino is out of this world? THE neighborhood Italian food Mekka.


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Pronto is the best around. I order from them all the time even though there are a couple places that are less expensive and closer. All of their ingredients are always very fresh and high quality, and portions are generous. The pizzas crust has the chew and flavor that a real NYC pizza should have, and cheese that never turns oily even when you reheat it. I remember the first time I ordered the chicken parm and I was just blown away by how flavorful and complex the sauce was. The best!


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delicious & fast. Great tasting meatballs, a lot in an order, good amount of sauce too. A lot of variety in the mixed grill. Side of bread with ever dish. The Cesar salad was a little sour and the croutons were weird chewy roll knots....not the best. Also good buffalo wings. spicy, not crazy spice and good chunks of fresh white meat

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